NCOC's procurement activities are ethical, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory, in accordance with the NCOC Code of ethics and in compliance with all applicable legislation and the PSA: a selective competitive tendering method is adopted in reaching a contract award decision, treating tenderers with absolute fairness and maintaining confidentiality.

Procurement Process


The Prequalification process executed by  Vendor Qualification & Market Intelligence department that aims to populate NCOC Vendors List (containing details of each supplier who has been evaluated against the requirements associated to an NCOC commodity class) that can be considered for participation in tenders.

Market Intelligence - NCOC is committed to identifying vendors that can be potentially involved in its business. Vendors can be contacted by the NCOC directly or through a vendor's self-request. If you want to provide NCOC with general information about your business, please complete registration and fill the form in Online Vendor Cabinet by following the link.

Once registration is completed, Vendor will be visible in a dedicated NCOC Vendor Database where it gathers and stores information on potential suppliers for use by Company .This registration does not automatically result in qualification.

In case Company decides to move a vendor from the Market Information Database to its Vendor List, a qualification process will be started and the vendor will be assigned to specific Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE).

The SQE will contact, guide and assist the vendor through the qualification process from start to end.

During this phase, the vendor is required to provide the Engineer with all requested, relevant and necessary information. Failure to provide this information may result in the process being cancelled. For all questions regarding the registration or prequalification process, please contact allvqmi@ncoc.kz

Vendor evaluation - this phase aims at assessing vendor capabilities and compliance with NCOC prequalification criteria and against a specified commodity class.
This task is performed through:
  • Analysis of Vendor Profile in Online Cabinet and additionally gathered information
  • meetings/on-site visits (if applicable)
  • other sources of information (if applicable) 
Once the evaluation is complete, NCOC issues certification of the result to the vendor.

Tendering and Contract Awarding - aims at awarding the contract to the Tenderer who submits the most economically advantageous and technically acceptable offer, as a result of a competitive tender process. 

Long Term Procurement Outlook link.

  • Tender List - For each requirement a specific Tender List, including all companies to be involved in the tender, is drawn by C&P Department from the NCOC Vendor List. Vendors must be registered or have a status of prequalified vendor in order to be considered for Tender List. In doing so, the Company takes all reasonable efforts to maximize the opportunities for Kazakhstani suppliers of materials and services. The Contract Holder defines the scope of work, the technical specifications, quantities and delivery requirements for the contract.
  • Preparation, approval and issuing of the Invitation to Tender (ITT)
    Invitation to Tender packages are prepared by the C&P Department and sealed offers from a minimum of three Tenderers (whenever possible), are sought for all goods, works and services. NCOC does not bind itself to accept either the lowest or any offer, and is not responsible for, or will not pay any expenses incurred by the Tenderer in the preparation and submission of its tender. NCOC Tender writing procedure is available and provided through this link for your information.
  • Communications with Tenderers
    Tenders can receive technical written clarification on any of the aspects of the tender through a single communication point within the relevant C&P section. Any clarification or information provided by the Company at this stage is distributed to all Tenderers to ensure that they all compete on an equal basis.
  • Tender Submission
    To guarantee the best technical and economic outcome of the tender NCOC may provide the Tenderers with standard reply labels and envelopes so that offers can be submitted in two separate envelopes: unpriced, technical offer and priced, commercial offer.
  • Tender Evaluation
    The evaluation of the technical and contractual offer is carried out by the Contract Holder of originating department and the relevant C&P section whilst the priced envelope is kept under the safe custody of C&P and is opened only if the Tenderer has passed the technical evaluation.