Welcome to the Vendor Qualification
and Market Intelligence web-page

We thank you for your interest in becoming an approved supplier to the project and take this opportunity to inform you of the following.

NCOC operates a venture wide pre-qualification process in order for suppliers to gain access to our consolidated approved vendor list.

In order to become a pre-qualified supplier each vendor must successfully complete the process relevant to the product/work/service to be offered

The process is primarily split into four main activities.

  • Registration of the candidate entity into venture ERP system.
  • Completion of a detailed questionnaire by the candidate, where necessary
  • Evaluation of the questionnaire contents & review of the economic/financial status of the candidate entity, where necessary
  • Site assessment of the candidate facilities where necessary

As NCOC is not directly involved in the execution of operational and development work, it prequalifies suppliers only for its internal needs, not for field/operational activities.





NCOC is responsible for All activities related to the North Caspian Sea PSA on behalf of the seven shareholding companies. As delegated Operator under the NCSPSA, NCOC defines and steers the overall strategy of the NCSPSA venture, ensures planning and coordination, manages geosciences and conceptual studies, and interfaces with stakeholders.

NCOC is also the main point of contact with the seven shareholders (Contracting Companies) and The Authority.
At the top of this page there is a link to an application tool enabling suppliers to directly register their interest in becoming a candidate supplier.

As you would expect we receive significant volumes of interest from suppliers wishing to become a candidate for prequalification.

Your information will be registered in the Market intelligence database where interested Contract Holders can access the information and initiate contact and perhaps the prequalification process.

In order to be fair and transparent a review of each suppliers product/work/services as proposed, is carried out against the ventures short and medium term needs.

Contact with each suppliers is then initiated by the interested Contract Holder based on this current potential identified need.



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