NCOC believes that activities performed under the NCSPSA offer a significant opportunity to develop the Kazakhstan economy in a sustainable manner.

First and foremost, we believe this can be achieved by managing our own business safely, responsibly, efficiently and transparently, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Kashagan project marked the start of the offshore oil development in Kazakhstan. When the decision was made to implement this highly challenging project; support bases, infrastructure, construction equipment, marine vessels and drilling rigs needed for the development of the project did not exist in the Caspian region.

Substantial investments into the development of local suppliers, workforce and infrastructure have resulted in the establishment and growth of various industries in Kazakhstan.

The achievements in driving local content development are reflected by some impressive numbers:
  • 10 billion US dollars paid for local goods, works and services.

  • 250 million US dollars spent on training people

  • 420 million US dollars invested in Social and Infrastructure Projects

Some definitions in accordance with the
«On Subsurface And Subsurface Use» Act

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Manpower Development
Supply chain management

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Supplier Qualification and Monitoring
Infrastructure Enhancement

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