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December  29, 2017

North Caspian Operating Company N.V.” (NCOC) supported a large football tournament in Mangystau Oblast organized by Social Football Development Fund of Kazakhstan with participation of 175 school teams from Mangystau Oblast.  

On New Year’s Eve the North Caspian Sea Consortium arranged ceremony of presenting gifts and awards to winners of football tournament held in Aktau during the academic year with participation of 5-11 grade students from secondary schools in Aktau. Approximately 2000 students took part in such a large tournament. Young football players from 21 schools of Mangystau Oblast have got winning places among 175 teams. NCOC provided tournament winners with football wears, sport suits, medals, referee kits and other game attributes.

During the opening ceremony NCOC representatives said: “There are a lot of organizations uniting people through the sport. The Social Football Development Fund of Kazakhstan is among them. The Fund supports talented young people, contributes to their development, and supports them to participate in various competitions. The tournament is aimed at promotion of a healthy lifestyle and love for the country, and we are very glad that it coincides with aims of our Consortium in terms of support to local communities”. It should be noted that every year the Consortium conducts various campaigns aimed at improving the well-being of children. For example, in 2013 the North Caspian Sea Project supported organization of large competitions named NCOC Yard League among 39 yard teams with participation of Dinmukhamed Suleimenov and Fumasa, stars of European indoor football, in the knockout round.

According to organizers, participants and fans the tournament was the most impressive in terms of training level of teams, quality of the game and number of intense and interesting matches.  

This activity was held under Sponsorship and Donation Program of the Consortium aimed at ensuring economic stability and welfare improvement, supporting healthcare, culture and cultural heritage, sports and rendering assistance to the needy people. All projects are in line with Consortium strategic aims related to ensuring sustainable development. Particularly, they anticipate own contribution of participants and shall demonstrate its long-term stability to the society.  


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