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August 18, 2017

Atyrau. 18 August. On the eve of the new 2017-2018 academic year, two new general schools - in Akkala village of Inder District and Akzhayik village of Atyrau city - will open doors for schoolchildren of 1-11 grades. The construction of these schools was carried out by North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC) which is the North Caspian Project Operator, under the NCSPSA commitments related to delivery of social and infrastructure projects. Akkala village enjoyed the school opening ceremony on 17 August, and Akzhayik village saw the official opening of the M. Otaraliyev school on 18 August.

Atyrau region Deputy Akim Mr. A. Nautiyev has attended the opening ceremony of both schools. He congratulated residents of Akkala and Akzhayik settlements and wished children well-grounded knowledge and interesting schools years ahead. The ceremony was also attended by other representatives from the Atyrau Oblast Akimat, the community, media and NCOC.

On September 1, a new school in Akkala village located at the 1.44 ha area will open its doors for its pupils. The T-bar two-storeyed building comprises three blocks: Blocks 1, 2 and 3. It also has the boiler house, the transformer substation KTPGN-10/0.4kV, the 15 m3 tank for potable water stock, 2x50m3 tanks for the fire water stock, the 25m3 accumulation tank and other technical facilities. In addition, children will make use of playgrounds and race tracks made of EcoStep anti-trauma rubber tiles, sports grounds made of artificial grass that is used for football fields.

The building of the M. Otaraliev school consists of two blocks: the main building (Block A), the gym and the auditorium, as well as support premises (Block B) interconnected with the one-storeyed section. The project envisaged not only the construction of the school but also the premises for the standalone boiler house, the 10.5kW diesel generator (in the boiler house), the KTPGN-6/0.4kV transformer substation, the 3m3 sewer septic tank, the waste bin site. The school premises also accommodate grounds for sports and outdoor games, while the adjacent territory offers a parking lot. The total area of this facility is 2111.23 m2.

Mr. Serik Idranov, NCOC Government and External Affairs Manager, highlighted that both schools have been engineered from the perspective of splitting the premises into functional groups: educational and general, sports and culture, medical services, etc., that make a single space considering their stand-alone functioning and interconnection. "The construction of two buildings required two years, but the results will please both kids and teachers because the schools meet all current requirements," he said. All cabinets in the schools are equipped with interactive boards, there are classes equipped with multimedia equipment and computers. The physics, biology and chemistry classes are equipped with all necessary appliances, laboratory materials and other equipment.

On behalf of Region Administration, Mr. A. Nautiyev congratulated constructors with their professional holiday and delivered words of gratitude to NCOC for the great results of work done for the welfare of the region. We would like to remind that earlier, during a formal event hosted by the Atyrau Oblast Akimat, NCOC SIP employees were awarded with honorary badges and certificates of honour from Atyrau Oblast Akim N. Nogayev.

Under the NCSPSA, NCOC allocates a certain budget for implementation of social infrastructure projects. The Atyrau Oblast projects funded in 2016 and targeted for completion in 2017 encompass 17 projects worth of USD 13.3 mln. The funds are earmarked for construction of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sports facilities, as well as utilities such as roads, power lines and water pipes, and other infrastructure that benefits the community.

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