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June 14, 2017

North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) – the North Caspian Project Operator – handed over medical-purpose vehicles to the Makat Society of the Disabled, the Atyrau Geolog Outpatient Clinic and the Bolashak K Public Foundation. These events took place ahead of the Medical Worker Day.

The events kicked off in Makat village on 13 June, where NCOC representatives handed over to the local society of the disabled a specialized vehicle GAZ 32212 for transport of people with disabilities. It is equipped with all required fixtures, specifically an electrohydraulic lift with a control panel for lifting a wheelchair, thermal noise isolation, footsteps, handrails and fastenings for wheelchairs.

The events continued the next day in Atyrau and here the company handed over to the Atyrau Geolog Outpatient Clinic the GAZ 322173-344 vehicle to render medical services to the public, while the Bolashak K Public Foundation received from NCOC the same specialized vehicle as the one given in Makat village. Special vehicles will make disabled people more mobile and less uncomfortable.

Mr. Serik Idranov, Government and External Affairs Manager, stated while giving vehicle keys to new owners: "North Caspian Operating Company N.V., as the Operator, has committed under the Production Sharing Agreement in respect of the North Caspian Sea to render social support to communities in the areas of its operations. The commitment is honoured through the large-scale investment program, social and infrastructure projects (SIPs) as well as sponsorship and donations (S&D), which, among other things, stipulate the construction of new buildings, water pipelines, gasification of settlements. Key areas of these programs aimed at improving living standards of the communities are healthcare, education, cultural initiatives and infrastructure facilities. Likewise, equipment and machinery are provided to state-owned utilities enterprises, as well as furniture and technical means for schools, hospitals and other social facilities."

It should be emphasised that in 2017 it is planned to implement over 25 S&D projects.



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