The transportation of Kashagan oil to the markets where it will be used requires a combination of export methods, some of which exist and some of which may need to be developed.
The present plan for the export of production from the field start-up is to use a mix of existing pipelines as well as rail exports.  

The Western Caspian Pipe Consortium route (pipeline from Atyrau to Novorossiysk along the Black Sea), the Northern Atyrau to Samara route (connection to the Russian Transneft system) and the Eastern route (Atyrau to Alashankou) connect to existing export networks.

The possible southwest export route is subject to the development of the Kazakhstan Caspian Transportation System (KCTS), and would transport oil from the Eskene area, where the Bolashak plant is located, to a new terminal at Kuryk. Oil would then be transported by tanker to a new terminal close to Baku, where it could join the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline or other routes to international markets. 

All potential export options are currently being reviewed.

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