Given its size and technical complexity, the Kashagan field will be developed in phases. Phase I, known as the Experimental Programme or EP, is already in the construction phase.

Phase II is in the initial design phase and further phases are still under concept selection. Collectively all phases are referred to as Full Field Development.
The use of conventional drilling and production technologies, such as concrete structures or jacket platforms that rest on the seabed - is not possible due to the shallow water and cold winter climate of the northern part of the Caspian Sea. 

To ensure their protection from harsh winter conditions and pack ice movement, offshore facilities are being installed on artificial islands.  There are two main types of island – small unmanned ‘drilling islands’ and larger manned ‘hub islands’. Hydrocarbons will travel from the drilling islands to hub islands via pipeline.  The hub islands will contain processing facilities to separate recovered liquid (oil and water) from the raw gas, as well as gas injection and power generation systems.

During Phase I, around half of the gas produced will be re-injected back into the reservoir.  Separated liquid and raw gas will be taken by pipeline to the Bolashak onshore processing plant in Atyrau oblast, where export quality oil will be produced.  Some of the processed gas will be sent back offshore for use in power generation while some will be used to generate power at the process plant itself.

Kashagan will make a major contribution to the growth ambitions of the Kazakhstan oil industry and, more broadly to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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